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Michelle Maskaly is a journalist with over 13 years experience in print, TV, online, digital and social media, as well as corporate writing.

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Alabama SPCA Rescues Dogs, Cats From Tornado Rubble

For an area already dealing with a host of homeless pets, dog fighting issues and the lack of spayed and neutered pets, being hit with a devastating tornado just amplified the situation for animal welfare advocates and rescuers in Alabama.


Dog With Two Broken Legs Crawls Home After Tornado

There are many amazing stories of survival surfacing after the tornadoes that devastated Alabama on April 27, and this one is really one that hits your right in the heart.


Dog Treadmill Is Hit at NYC Pet Show

Just because it's called the NYC Pet Show, it drew pet products and services from across the country, including Planet Dog, ModaPet, PetSmart and Stella and Chewy's.